Hi everyone this is Paloma. I own this blog and I’m responsible for taking all of the pictures on here. It never occurred to me that this would happen, but this is an issue that has been occurring for several months now and so here I am addressing it: someone by the name Abbie Jones has been stealing my work (via tumblr, instagram, twitter) without crediting me. Abbie you’re probably reading this right now, and I have addressed you in the past. We have mutual friends in real life and it just surprises me that you would have the audacity to do this. I can only hope that you take down everything that you’ve stolen and stop this from happening again. I’m not aware if you do this with other peoples work, and if so- I am speaking up on their behalf as well. I’m flattered you enjoy my posts, but please and always credit your sources. No hard feelings, thank you.

Best, Paloma Arias

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